A prayer for the man who will hold my heart forever

To my future husband, the man who will one day hold my heart forever, I pray for you in every life circumstance. I pray for your safety, for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. I pray for your family and all those whom you love. But most of all I pray that you pray for me. I have realized that in order to obtain the things and qualities in a man that I have so deeply prayed for, I must be them myself. To have a man who is kind, loving, gentle, generous, patient, compassionate, selfless, hardworking, giving, sacrificial, brave…I must be all these things myself. I pray every day that God will give me all that I lack and increase the good qualities that I do possess.

My prayer for you is:

That you may love God with a fierce and burning love and that through this love, you will comeĀ  to love me as Christ loved the Church.

That you may have a courageous heart to fight temptation andĀ  stay on the path of righteousness and good.

That you may hold steadfast to purity of body, soul, mind and heart and have the patience to wait for me as I wait for you.

That you may possess the truest purity of intention and sincerity of heart.

That you may work all your life serving others and serving our family and that in serving each other, we may find great joy.

That you will remember the good and the bad of the past as being life lessons and experiences to learn from and that you will look to the future with the deepest and most unfailing faith.

That peace, laughter, joy and the love of Christ will fill your home forever.

That you will pray for me even though you don’t know me as I don’t know you. Pray for my life, my past and present and future and pray that God will give me the wisdom to lead me to you and to choose you.

And lastly I pray that you may have the eyes to see all that God lays before you, every blessing and opportunity. That you may have the ears to hear what God tells you. That you may have the strength to follow God wherever He leads you, no matter the struggles of the path. That you may have the wisdom and knowledge and understanding to recognize me when our eyes meet.

I am not perfect but one day when we are in heaven, we will love each other perfectly. I am not wealthy but I am a daughter of the King and I hope to obtain the riches of His Kingdom. I am not famous but my God is the only one I need to please and in His eyes I am His one and only. I do not a thousand accomplishments and rewards but I believe the greatest accomplishment in life is to love so much as to create life because of that love, to do everything with love, to demonstrate love and to be loving. I will continue to pray for you every day of my life even after we meet because with God there is no time and there is nothing that prevents me from praying into the future. God holds my future in His hand and I hold you in my heart forever. May you always be blessed, protected and safeguarded until our hearts and hands are joined. I love you,

~Your future bride~

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