The Vow: A resolution for a new beginning

Like any resolution one makes either for a day, a month, a year or for the rest of one’s life, a resolution is meant to change a person in order to better oneself. Yet different from most resolutions, this resolution is meant to last forever in one’s heart—especially the heart of a woman. This resolution in what I like to think of as the vow is meant for women of every age yet given the opportunity to be reversed, it can appeal so much to men as well. Like a promise a woman makes—a vow one gives to God, any woman may partake in this if this is what she feels in her heart.

  1. I vow to know, love and serve God and to embrace and accept this task as being the greatest goal, the highest achievement and the most important level of education that exists.
  2. I vow to respect and love myself as a child of God and as I would wish others to respect and love me.
  3. I vow to place the needs of others above my own and to never think of my fears, worries or problems twice before helping someone in need.
  4.  I vow to make my mark in the world—in my own way which God intended. I vow to forever be a light in the darkness.
  5.  I vow to never waste my time or talents, moments that I can never get back, before utilizing them for the good of others.
  6.  I vow to never dishonor my body in any way or to disregard the blessings that God has given me.
  7.  I vow to live my life dwelling on the good that has been given to me and not taking anger or bitterness in the things I have not received.
  8.  I vow to understand the meaning of the phrase: “To be a real woman is to bring out the best in a man,” to embrace it and to live it out in my everyday life.
  9.  I vow to never desecrate the dignity and honor of a man whether it is in actions, speech or thought. I vow to view men in the proper perspective—as princes of the King, all loved men of God and future husbands of women in the world.
  10. I vow to first discover the good in others before discovering the bad. I vow to better myself in increasing the good qualities I have and praying for those which I have not.
  11.  Yet most of all I vow to never waste one more kiss, one more look, one more thought or one more tear on a man which is not worthy of my heart, a man truly not intended for me whether in a loving relationship or future marriage. I vow to know and understand that each person who enters my life has entered for a specific reason and every person who has entered my life and suddenly exited, has a purpose which I may not be able to see right away. Yet all the same, I vow to save myself for you. I vow to love (you,) my future husband, even before knowing him, meeting him or seeing his face. God chose you for me way before time began and I vow to accept this fact, to love and embrace it. I vow to wait and have faith, trust and hope in the things I cannot see—in God and in you.


~This is my vow from which I promise not to stray. But if I ever fall, I vow to get back up and begin this journey all over again with the help of God’s grace not to fall again.~



Jacinta M.L. Kehrig


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