From an orphan, to a daughter of the King

So you feel alone, isolated, neglected, rejected, left to yourself, unloved…like an orphan.

I once also felt this way, the day I lost my father to cancer. I felt abandoned, alone, left to myself. I felt like an orphan child without a father. Though a grown woman, I felt like a little girl inside, dying for the love of a father. Though only seconds had passed, I felt as though I had been alone for a lifetime. Maybe your story is different. Maybe your father  is still alive, physically present yet not emotionally present. Maybe your father left you as a little girl or maybe you never knew your father. Whatever the case may be, the sting of that pain lies within you.

Yet we women of faith know the man who  sent us our earthly fathers and from Him there is no neglect, rejection, pain or death. He is God our father and to Him there is no end. The day I lost my father, I looked up in the clear blue sky, to the heavens where my  father now was, and I knew I was no orphan. Because we women of faith know the love of our first most Heavenly father. He is more father than any father, more friend than any friend, more brother than any brother, guide than any guide, more love than any love. This is the test of true love and true faith, when God asks for all beyond our strength. Only one who has also lost a father, can understand the scream my heart made when his soul passed from this life  to the next. I felt pained because I could no longer be with him in this life and because the flesh of this life is all I know, I felt like an orphan. But looking up in that beautiful sky, in the gorgeous day that God created, I knew I was not alone. In feeling that gentle breeze on my face, I knew God was with me, and forever present. I am no orphan and never will be, because I am a daughter of the King.

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