From fear to faith

You feel stifled, suffocated, anxious and depressed at all the “might be’s” and “what if’s” of life. You are in FEAR  of all that might be, the thought of change and what the future holds. The events of life happen as though you are blindfolded and standing at the edge of a cliff, and not knowing how far away you are from the edge,  you stand wondering if you should step forward or not. Faith, on the other hand, is liberating. You can finally sleep peacefully at night and awake in the morning feeling refreshed because you know that God is in control. Faith means trust, patience in adversity, and letting go of the things you don’t have power over. It helps nothing to worry. Worry, frustration, anxiety and nervousness do not help a situation. St. Padre Pio  said: “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” We are only human. God understands the anxieties of the heart. I have made the transition from fear to faith because it is with the act of the will, that one begins believing. Faith has nothing to do with emotions. But if I can say with my will “I trust you Lord,” that is more pleasing to God than any flowery “feelings” I can offer Him. The will is steadfast and strong whereas feelings sway and come and go. So with our will, let us have faith in all that is to come. The good and the bad together, will lead us where we need to go.

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