Remembering the value of life

What is life? Life is  living…and I mean that in a serious, literal sense. But living life is living it in the right way…the mature way, making the right decisions, always trying to do the right thing, helping others in need before ever thinking of yourself, putting God first and yourself and family and friends second. This  life is not ours. Our bodies are not ours. Every breath we take, every  beat of our heart and movement we make is not because of us but because of God. So many people today forget that this  is such a true fact. People forget to think of God and think of their creator who in fact gave them the life that they have, the breaths that they breathe and every beat that comes from their heart. Everything that we have, whether  it is a function of our own body, our spouse, friends and loved ones, family members, our home, clothing  or any other materialistic or religious thing that may hold any important value to us, is all because of God. Let’s remember to thank Him for our lives, and each and every day that we live it. Let’s pray that He can give us the strength and determination to accept His will and live our lives out well in the way that He meant it to be. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. Each one of us has a mission and it’s so sad how so many people forget. Many  consume their  days and thus  their lives with  materialistic nonsense that in reality never lasts. Everything that  we own and even our own bodies, will become dust someday…”Remember man that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.”  It is a humbling experience to undergo…to admit that without God we are nothing. But it is so true. God is  the supreme being that keeps our heart beating, that keeps every part of our bodies functioning well,  that allows us to inhale and exhale in every breath. God is the one who  gives life and can take away. This  life is so  short and so very little. Live it well. Live to the absolute fullest. Never let a day pass without doing something good, for the good of others and for the good of God. Give back to God in this life you have, what He has given to you and blessed you with. Laugh and do God’s will. Fulfill His hopes and desires for you and fulfill your dreams and expectations for yourself. Think of every day as a gift and live each day like it’s your last day. Use this precious time that you have here wisely. Live! And  leave behind a great legacy. Love God  and help others…love each other each and every day. Remember to create golden moments in life that you will remember and cherish forever. And lastly, remember now and forever that it is not the enjoyment that we  supply for ourselves in our lives or the things  we have, the fame and popularity, the fortune and  electronics, the things that we may do selfishly for our own pleasure. Remember that living life well is about loving God, loving your neighbor, having no enemies, standing up for the true and just and rightful things that you believe in- God and His church, your family and friends or anything else that is of great importance. Remember that  those good memories and those good moments that are remembered dearly in every picture we take within our lifetime are so  much more important than any material thing this world can offer… a Godly moment and a memory full of blessings and graces is worth more than all the gold, money, fame, or possession known in this world. Let’s all remember that the true life we are aiming for is the life that follows this…and this is eternal life in Heaven. That is truly worth the fight and that is  truly worth  waiting for. Out of all the things we posses, the only thing and the most important thing we have to take with us, is the good, the love, the compassion, the gentleness and generosity that we give to others.

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