The infinite love of God

Once upon a time there lived a man who was one hundred percent man and also one hundred percent divine. He was sent from Heaven by God  the Father Himself to  take on humanity in its full form, to live like us and to live among us. He had no reason to do this: to come, to preach, to live, to suffer, to be laughed at and ridiculed, to die and hang upon a cross and lose all of his blood for us. But he fulfilled his Father’s will and committed the ultimate gift of self, the purest act and reached the greatest level  of true love that anyone could ever accomplish. He died on the cross for us…his people, whether we love him or not and  even whether we know  him or  not. Some can say ” I don’t believe in  him.” But I  say to you: “He believes in you!” This man is Jesus Christ…the purest, gentlest and loving man we could ever hope to find and wish to love us. We need his love and he needs ours. He thirsts for souls and he thirsts for love. Three long hours after many many hours of indescribable agony, he underwent in order to free us of the sin that we were born with. That is true love. Every blow upon his skin, every tear he shed, ever scourge he felt, every pound of the nail in his hand, every drop of blood that poured from him and every cruel word that was spoken to him…those were our sins! We do those things in our own way in our own daily lives. We are no better than the roman soldiers and  the pharisees. Jesus on the cross, is the sign of  true love. He is the greatest example of love through the great and wonderful thing that he did for us. He my friends, is the essence of love itself. No one can or ever would possibly love  more than what he has done and continues to do for us. Not one person in this world is  more worthy of our love than this man…this supreme being: Christ himself.

Young ladies of the world, look to Christ for the best example for love. When in search of a male companion, or a future husband, look to Christ as the best example. Pray to him that he will help you find the perfect man suited for you and destined for you, that will share Christ’s qualities of  selflessness and unconditional love.

When  in  search of a friend, guardian or confidant, look to Christ to help you find one which shares these qualities of his. Chose your friends wisely. Love God with all your heart and give gifts to him, that  he so often gives to you every day of your life. Pray to God for a friend, companion or spouse such as him and he will help you in your journey. Know that whether you believe in him or not, when you walk, you never walk alone. He is right there with you. Call on him and he will walk with you. Knock on his door and he will open it to you. Listen to his voice and he will speak to you. Search for him and he will come to you. Pray to him and he will guide and protect you. Love him and he will save a special place for you in his kingdom. Believe it and for now be  satisfied in hope and  in faith in Christ- the greatest example of true love which we all should hope and wish and pray for, that can  ever exist in this world. “Before He formed you in the womb, he knew you.” He set your feet upon the earth with a special plan for you. Now trust in it and fulfill it. Believe in the infinite mercy and love of God, because even before you were formed, he believed in you!

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