Starting from the begining

A very wise man once told me that it is when we feel God’s divine pleasure in the things that we do, that we have found our life’s purpose. Then I have found my life purpose- one of my many purposes on this earth. And in that realization, I feel such comfort. To whom much is given, much is greatly expected. And I know what is expected of me. It is through my writings that I give back to God the blessings that he has given to me- one of my many little ways of thanking him…by bringing others closer to him.

Life’s greatest moments can be painted so vividly-either in our minds or in our hearts. Life’s picture is painted by the creator of beautiful paintings himself. We hold the tools to make the smudges and strokes of our own lives. The journey of life is a long, beautiful road filled with many wondrous things. Every day is a new gift to open and discover. Every day is a new chance to live our lives well. This work that I do and these words that I write to you and for you are one of the ways of living out my life’s daily presents to the fullest and to the best¬†advantage of all. God bless you and love you.

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