The hidden Valentine

As a young girl, I always used to believe that the end of a fairy tale where the princess is saved by the prince, always would apply to real life. The outlook and portrayal of true love was made warped to make young girls feel like a man was an absolute necessity in order to be saved say from the clutches of an evil witch or the highest room in the tallest tower. Of course the situations are different in real life however the end result is still the same and this is the conclusion: a woman does not need a man to save her. The only person that can truly save you, is yourself…the hero inside you, the strong woman with strong and steadfast virtues that maybe even you are not aware of. I remember many valentine days when I was younger seeing all my classmates exchange little notes and gifts of care and love to each other. I remember always wanting a valentine from a boy, a crush at the time and many years went by before I recieved one. Instead I would be given little cards and notes from good freinds of mine, other amazing girls that have now also grown to women of faith. But at the time I had felt that valtentines day was just not the same unless a gift was given to me by a boy who maybe I had had feelings for. Again, I expected a man to save the day when all along it was up to me to create my own happiness. That is far too big an order to apply to someone else. Happiness and love is a choice and only we ourselves can make it. So now, being grown up from a girl to a woman, what do we do when a valentine is not given and there is no man present to save the day and make us feel loved? Look to the one man that can never disappoint: God. Look to the hidden valentine that is given with infinite love that our minds cannot possibly understand . You may not see that valentine but believe me it is there and you will not find it necessarily in earthly treasures but in the heavenly and eternal reward. These simple gifts that we so easily turn away from and go completely unnoticed, may be the light of the sun on a new day, every breath we take, every embrace from a loved one, every chance we have to do good for another, every large and small blessing that God gives us. So on this valentines day and all others after where there may not be a handsome knight in shining armor or a prince to save the day, I would still say in my own simple way that there in fact is a man to save the day and His presence and love will never go away. His name is Jesus Christ. May the love of God captivate, enthral and emrace your heart forever.

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