Through Him and with Him, our loved ones are there

Father Dan, a long time and good friend of our family, had just said Holy Mass in our home the day prior to my dream…a dream about my father and brother, who are sadly passed on from us.

In my dream, I was kneeling and facing Father during the point of consecration. Father raised the host over the chalice and said the words: “Through Him, with Him and in Him, oh God Almighty Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever, amen.” At that point, with the host and chalice raised, meaning who is God made present in my home, Father Dan’s eyes grew large as though he were in heavenly ecstasy. The host and chalice had a white glow about it. Father Dan’s face looked altered as though he wasn’t standing on earth but standing in heavenly presence.

At the moment he said these words, the faces of my father and my brother appeared on either side of him. My dad was on the left and my brother on the right. They were young and smiling, no wrinkles, no flaws of any kind….only happiness, joy and peace.

I remember in my dream, how I felt in my heart and soul, seeing Christ present in my home glowing from the host and chalice, and seeing my father and brother there smiling and present with Our Lord. What a gift from God to see them both happy and at peace together.

My dream goes to show as proof of our long lost Catholic teaching that present at every mass, are the church triumphant, the church militant and the church suffering. But seeing them smiling and glowing, I know they are happy and not suffering. It also shows as proof that Christ is TRULY present in the Eucharist. This life is temporary. We pass through quickly. But heaven is forever. May we live only with one purpose only–to one day obtain that goal, and to be with our loved ones forever…through Him, with Him and in Him.

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